Thawt collaboration by Mister Koppa and Nikki Soppelsa

Thawt: noun, A period of simultaneous reflection and new growth following a freeze or hibernation, generally occurring between mid-February and mid-April in the northern hemisphere. His productive year began with a good thawt.

Thawt: book, A chronological collage of content, telling the story of a 60-day collaboration, between Mike Koppa and eleven artists and friends from around the world, during the thawing months of 2013, to be published on 20 March 2014.

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Contributors include (in order of appearance): Nikki Soppelsa (U.S.A.), Bill Phillips (U.S.A.), Flore Kunst (France), Susan Legind (Italy), Helene de Winter (The Netherlands), Gary Ortman (U.S.A.), Brandon Graham (U.S.A.), Lisa Chun (U.S.A.), Sammy Slabbinck (Belgium), Filipa Sottomayor (Portugal), and Barbara Minch (U.S.A.)

212 pages (70 in full color), 7.125” x 9.75”, digitally printed on 70 lb. acid free paper, and case-bound with printed end sheets and dust jacket, in a signed and numbered first edition of 40 copies, published by The Heavy Duty Press. Each copy includes a signed print of the photograph by Mike Koppa, taken 20 February 2013, which inspired the project. $375

The same 33% discount enjoyed by subscribers to The Heavy Duty Press is also extended as a pre-publication discount to the general public through 20 March 2014, affording this signed first edition for just $250. Reserve your copy today.

Preview pages 1-45 of Thawt.

(collage collaboration above by Mister Koppa and Nikki Soppelsa)


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