Deep Forest & 9 meses depois….

Técnica mista 22,5×34 



Técnica mista 29,5×42


~ by rasgo on June 3, 2008.

7 Responses to “Deep Forest & 9 meses depois….”

  1. wow!!!!

  2. Cool. I especially like the pregnant girl. Filipa, just wondering how long does it usually take you to finish a piece? I get the feeling there’s a lot of work involved in them.

  3. Thanks for the visit!!
    The process of finding bits and pieces of images that match can be very difficult. I never used computer tools to help me out, it’s all cut, paste and paint.
    A complete chaos and mess! When order is pictured, I’m in dreamland.

  4. The way you use color is amazing! So vibrant!

  5. wow simply stunning work as always!! I love the colors and images a lot!! you are just amazing!!! Keep creating dear you are on a roll!! enjoy!! Hugs xoxo Linda

  6. Parabéns pela técnica, especialmente pela conjugação das cores e texturas!

  7. groovy!

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